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Photos from 2005-present are posted on SmugMug.
Print high quality photos of your choice.
2005 photos are on both sites. Older photos are accessed below.

Jim Newton (Newt) has posted photo galleries on his website,, for this year’s race and all the years back to 2004. You are free to download any photo (each image has a download link).  A number of folks asked if they could get prints from the many year’s they and their kids have participated and the answer is YES! Just Email Jim the year and the file number and he’s more than happy to put together a print package. Call Jim if any questions, 207-650-2109.

Group Photos from Each Year
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2012 Group Photo

2011 Group Photo

2010 Group Photo

2009 Group Photo

2008 Group Photo

2007 Group Photo

2006 Group Photo

2005 Group Photo

2004 Group Photo

2003 Group Photo

2001 Group Photo

We were thrilled to have the six O'Malleys join us in 2009.

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2005 Evening Party Photos   Page 1Page 2
2004 Daytime Race Photos   Page 1Page 2Page 3
2004 Evening Party Photos   Page 1Page 2
2003 Daytime Race Photos   Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4
2003 Evening Party Photos   Page 1Page 2Page 3
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