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Letter from David Newton, Director

February 5, 2015

Dear Friends of Peter's FUNd Racer,

On March 7th we will hold the 16th annual PFR (at Sugarbush Resort, of course) and it’s going to be a touch different this year.  We are calling it this year  the “Let’s take a little break and count our blessings” event.  OK, we’re not really calling it that but you get the idea. We are taking a break from holding a raffle and a silent auction this year.  Instead, the focus will be on just skiing (and socializing) with friends and family.  

After donating approximately $1.25mm to our various charities, of course we’ll figure out a way to raise some more money this year but it just may be a little secondary to FUN!   Lynn and I will still host a cocktail reception Friday night the 6th (remember to bring bathing suits for the kids) at Claybrook.  Saturday will be the race, followed by a great lunch.  At night we will gather for bragging rights, cocktails, dinner, and a few surprises.  You get all that for $150; $225 if you need a lift ticket.  If you want to round up your checks and pretend you’re buying raffle tickets, that would be great, but you didn’t win.  It should be a blast!

Please let me know if you’ll be able to join us so we can save you a bib.   Now, more than ever, we have been spending lots of time counting our blessings.  We hope you will join us. 

As always, your Chairmanship,

David J. Newton
Director, Peter's FUNd Racer




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