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Letter from David Newton, Director
Last minute info and exciting opp'y for PFR

February 27, 2009

Dear Friends,

I promise this is the last time you’ll hear from me before next week’s 10th annual Peter’s FUNd Racer. The numbers look better than ever and, holy cow, we have lots of snow! Over 5’ in the last 2 weeks! If you haven’t told me definitively that you are coming, please do. I have to provide all the various department heads at Sugarbush with the names of our racers and the number of our diners.

We still have some $50 raffle tickets left for our trip to Jackson Hole. It is a fantastic trip and we may be out of tickets (we only sell 400) by the time we arrive at Sugarbush next week. Please contact Errin with interest.

The 1st items in our auction are already on the website and the bidding has begun. It will be changing daily so stay tuned. Contact Scotty with bids. Details for both the raffle and the auction can be found at

Many of us are staying this year at the fantastic Claybrook Residences. The quarter shares at Claybrook are 80% sold out. The owners of Sugarbush have been able to maintain the original pricing schedule, even in this environment, by providing a great product and adding amenities to ownership. So here’s their newest proposal: In addition to the boot and ski valets, the 12 month outdoor pool and hot tubs, ‘1st tracks at 7:30 before the lifts open to the public, workout facilities and free membership to the health and racquet club, they have added a ‘no wait’ policy at The Gate House and Super Bravo quads. Claybrook owners go right to the ‘ski lessons’ line. A friend of mine asked me if I actually use that amenity and I replied, ‘Only when I see you in the line.’ Anyway, they have added one more incentive to Peter’s FUNd Racer participants who purchase a quarter share this year: They will contribute $10,000 to our event! So if you’ve ever considered purchasing a high end place to call your own at Sugarbush, now would be a GREAT time!

As always, thanks for your support and I hope to see you on the slopes,











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