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Our Mission
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Bill, Peter and Abby 2/99
Bill, Peter and Abby 2/99

Peter's FUNd Racer is a ski race for all ages and abilities held annually at Sugarbush in Warren, Vermont. This year's event will be held on March 4&5, 2016. This is a Friday evening and full Saturday of fun for the whole family. There is plenty of time to ski on your own in the morning and after lunch. The race is followed by a great lunch!

In the evening we have dinner and a party to celebrate the day's heroics.

Please make your reservations for your accommodations early because it's a very busy time of year at Sugarbush. Please call 800-53-SUGAR and reference Peter's FUNd Racer for lodging assistance on or near the mountain.

For additional lodging options, or to learn more about the local area and activities, please visit the MadRiverValley site or Sugarbush.

Our Mission

In addition to having fun, the primary focus of the event is to raise money for melanoma research, make cancer patients' lives a little easier, and raise awareness. Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that takes the lives of thousands of Americans every year. May 23rd, 1999, it claimed the life of Peter M. Newton at the age of 46.

In March 2012 we were able to announce we have donated over one million dollars to our charities.  Pretty awesome we would say for just a bunch of friends and family.  Please click Donations To Date for all the awesome details.

Event Information 2016

Tentative Schedule:
Friday evening, March 4th:
6:00pm - 9:00pm Welcome Reception & Pre Registration
Sugarbush Inn Cocktails and Pizza Party (sponsored by David and Lynn)

Saturday, March 5th:
8:00am - 10:00am Registration at Timbers Restaurant
10:30am -12:30pm Nastar race on Racer's Edge
12:30pm-2:00pm lunch at Timbers
2:00pm FINAL Group picture Outside Timbers, Don't Miss it!!!
6:00pm-7:00pm cocktails Gate House Lodge
7:00 Fireworks (Sponsored by David and Lynn)
7:30-8:15pm Dinner
8:15pm Awards and closing video
8:45pm-10:30 Dancing!

Peter, Bill and Abby, Thanksgiving '98
Peter, Bill and Abby, Thanksgiving '98

$150. Reception, race, lunch and dinner party but no lift ticket
$225. Full Package with all day lift ticket
Please email or call David Newton with any questions or concerns about pricing

Pond swimming, I mean skimming, anyone?

Registration Information

Please send a check to Peter's FUNd Racer, c/o David J. Newton, 303 Columbus Ave #901, Boston, MA 02116 to save your place for this year's event. Because of the increased interest in our event, we can not guarantee a spot until we receive your check. Also, please submit your contact information to our database if you haven't already, including your email address.

Additionally, when you send in your check, please give us an idea of your racing/skiing ability. Here are the guidelines:

  • "A" Racer. Been skiing for years, and once in a state of confusion, I signed up for a Nastar (maybe it was Nascar) event.
  • "B" Racer. Look good on the groomed blue squares but last time I went around a gate, it was on The Garden State Parkway.
  • "C" Racer. My strength is clearly in the lodge but I have a good sense of humor and I dress well.

MVP (Most Valuable Participant) Award

There are many people who have made Peter's Fund Racer a very successful event. Trying to identify one person every year was not an easy thing to do... but we did it anyway for 10 years!

The MVP award is an engraved pewter bowl that the recipient kept for a year. MVP does not stand for most valuable player—it was not given to the fastest racer or the person with the biggest check. The award was presented to the most valuable participant who best exemplified the true spirit of Peter's Fund Racer.

After our 1st ten years we stopped giving the MVP award because so many of you contribute in so many different ways, it was tough to distinguish one MVP from another.   Anyone who makes the effort to get to Sugarbush,  get around the gates (or at least most of them) with a smile on his or her face, and makes some kind of donation to our various causes, is an MVP to us.

In the last month of his life, Peter said, "I still have more to be thankful for than I'll ever have to feel sorry about." It is with this spirit in mind that the Advisory Board (mostly the Director) says congratulations and thank you to our very special volunteers...

MVP Recipients

2000 — Scott Beebe
2001 — Walter C. Donovan
2002 — Stephen Price
2003 — Errin Siagel
2004 — Thomas J. Tesauro
2005 — David Volpe
2006 — Joanne Rogers
2007 — Lynn Wolff
2008 — Sarah Newton
2009 — Jim Newton

MVP Recipients Errin Siagel, David Volpe, Sarah Newton, Jim Newton, Joanne Rogers, Scott Beebe, Lynn Wolff and Thomas J. Tesauro were present at the 2009 event.

Past Winners

Winning Team from 2000:
Bill Desrochers Jr.
David Fisher
Cary Friberg
Andy Lussier
David Volpe (c)
From 2000
Fastest Men's Time: Andy Lussier
Fastest Women's Time: Sarah Newton
Best Dressed: Scott Newton
Youngest Racer: Abigail Newton (13)
Winning Team from 2001:
Bert Andrews (c)
Mark Andrews
Ed Ingalls
Martha Smith
From 2001
Fastest Men's Time: Peter Holland
Fastest Women's Time: Amy Harkins
Best Dressed: Joanne Rogers
Youngest Racer: Acadia Moeyersome (6)
Winning Team from 2002:
Stephen Price (c)
Tom Rogers
Bertie Holland
David Volpe
Bill Newton
From 2002
Fastest Men's Time: Peter Holland
Fastest Women's Time: Amy Harkins
Best Dressed: Joanne Rogers
Youngest Racer: Co-winners, Chase Newton (5)
and Benny Sommers (5)
From 2003
Fastest Men's Time: Bob Harkins; Runner Up: Mark Coote
Fastest Women's Time: Amy Harkins; Runner Up: Susan Prosnitz
Best Dressed Woman & Man: Joanne Rogers & Ben Newton
Youngest Female Racer: Madeline Tesauro (5)
Youngest Male Racer: Johnny Sommers (4)
Most Enthusiastic Participant: Deidre Cassidy
Comeback of the Year: Karl Hoyt
From 2004
Fastest Men's Time: Mark Coote; Runner Up: Bob Harkins
Fastest Women's Time: Amy Harkins; Runner Up: Sue Prosnitz
Fastest Snowboarder: Scott Newton
Most Improved from 1st Run to 2nd: Child: Eliza Beebe, Adult: Melissa Lynch
From 2005
Fastest Men's Time: Mark Coote; Runner Up: Scott Beebe
Fastest Women's Time: Amy Harkins; Runner Up: Susan Burbage
Best Dressed; Joanne Rogers
Most Enthusiastic Participant: Grace Mastropasqua
Best Helper at Registration: Josie Hoyt
Fastest Racers in Specific Age Groups: Maddie Chisolm, Mather Hoyt, Lindsay Newton and Jake O'Malley

From 2006
Fastest Men's Time: Tom Brownell; Runner Up: Mark Coote
Fastest Women's Time: Hillary Chisholm; Runner Up: Amy Harkins
Most Improved Adult Racer Since Inception of Our Event: Laura Beebe
Comeback of the Year Award, co-winners: Melanie Howe and Marty Childs
Fastest Boy 8 and under: Caleb Beebe
Fastest Girl 8 and under: Kaelin Wang
Youngest Racer: Henry Harkins (4)
From 2007
Fastest Men's Time: Bob Harkins; Runner Up: Win Smith
Fastest Woman's Time: Amy Harkins: Runner Up: Hillary Chisholm (15)
Fastest Girl Under 12: Molly Chisholm
Fastest Boy Under 12: Jack Littlefield
Most Enthusiastic Girl: Eliza Beebe
Most Enthusiastic Boy: Johnny Anderson
Came the Furthest: Ben Newton

From 2008

Fastest Man: Rex Littlefield. Runner Up: Peter Holland
Fastest Woman: Hillary Chisholm. Runner Up: Molly Chisholm
Best Dressed: Chase Newton
Youngest Racer: Henry Harkins (6)
Most Experienced Racer: Dr. David Beebe (?)
Fastest Girl under 12: Grace Mastropasqua
Fastest Girl under 8: Carly Heffernan
Fastest Boy under 12: Jack Littlefield
Fastest Boy under 8: Johnny Anderson
From 2009
Fastest Men's Time: Ethan Kannel (age 14!); Runner Up: Ian Hatch
Fastest Women's Time: Margot Littlefield (age 15!); Runner Up: Susan Prosnitz
Comeback of the Year Award: Cary Friberg Yalicki
Fastest Boy Under 12: Jared Kannel
Fastest Girl Under 8: Sophia Texeira
Fastest Girl Under 12: Carly Heffernan
Best Dressed: Tie under team captain JoAnne Rogers: Patrick and Carly Heffernan, Michael and Madeline Tesauro, Harry Hoyt and Chase Newton
Youngest Skier: Cole Powers (4!!!)
Most Experienced Skier: David Beebe (none of your business)
Most Enthusiastic: Tom Guba
Biggest Ovation: Entire Pinney Family

Beth and Bill, 2008
From 2010
Most seasoned racer:  Tom Rogers
Youngest racer, at 4 years old, Henry Coote
Fastest boy at age 8 or under:  Peter Mastropasqua
Fastest boy at 12 or under:  Liam Burbage
Fastest girl at 8 or under: Isabel Brown
Fastest girl at 12 or under:  Eliza Beebe
People who were able to beat Win for $100/ea to PFR in no particular order:  Catie Burbage, Sue Prosnitz, Mark Coote, Peter Holland, Ethan Kannel, Scott Beebe, Steve Burbage and Gerry Kirshner.
Fastest woman runner up:  Sue Prosnitz
Fastest woman:  Catie Burbage
Fastest man runner up:  Peter Holland
Fastest Man:  Mark Coote

From 2011
Youngest girl racer:  Faith Newton (5)
Youngest boy racer:  Henry Coote (5)
Fastest girl at 8 or under:  Isabel Brown
Fastest girl at 12 and under:  Lilly Harkins
Fastest boy at 8 or under:  James Westhelle
Fastest boy at 12 or under:  George Littlefield
Most Experienced skier at 84 (we have permission to use his age) Henri Borel from Chez Henri
Fastest woman, runner up:  Sue Prosnitz
Fastest woman: Amy Harkins
Fastest man, runner up:  Bob Harkins
Fastest man, at age 14!  Chris Miner

From 2012
Fastest Woman, Runner up:  Eliza Beebe
Fastest Woman: Abby Ingalls
Fastest Man, Runner up:  Peter Holland
Fastest Man:  Ian Hatch
Fastest Girl 8 and under:  Ainsley Hatch
Fastest Girl 12 and under:  Isabel Brown
Fastest Boy 8 and under: Tommy Anderson
Fastest Boy 12 and under: Johnny Anderson
Fastest fetus:  yet to be named so mom, Steph Noyes, accepted
Youngest Racer:  Quin Newton (turned four 1/9/12)
Most Enthusiastic:  Sofia Teixeira

From 2013
Fastest woman: Patricia McGarry
Runner up women's: Abi Ingalls
Fastest man: Mark Coote
Runner up men's: Scott Beebe
Fastest girl under 12: Isabel Brown
Runner up: Katie Wipf
Fastest boy under 12: Jack Wipf
Runner up: Henry Coote
Best dressed: Chase Newton
Most experienced: Henri Borel (86)
Youngest: Quin Newton (5)
1st run in a toboggan: Lisa W. Newton
9 people who beat Win for $100/each to PFR, from Win: Mark Coote, Patricia McGarry, Abi Ingalls, Jared Kannel, Andrew Carlson, Jamie Carlson, Caleb Beebe, Scott Beebe, and Rob Brown

From 2014
Most Experienced in US Division:   Dr. David Beebe (79)
Most Experienced in International Division:   Henri Borel  (87)
Youngest Racer:   Wynne Prichett  (3)
Fastest Girl 8 and Under:  Faith Newton
Fastest Boy 8 and Under:  Tommy Anderson
Fastest Girl 12 and Under:  Asley Elwell
Fastest Boy 12 and Under:  George Madison
Fastest Woman, Runner Up:  Abi Ingalls
Fastest Woman:  Lily Harkins
Fastest Man, Runner Up:  Chris Miner
Fastest Man:  Andrew Carlson
Fastest Fetus:  Mom Accepting the award, Steph Noyes

David J. Newton
Board of Advisors
Scott Beebe
Walter C. Donovan
Bertie Holland
Jim Newton
John M. Newton III
Lynn Wolff Newton
Sarah B. Newton
Stephen F. Price
Errin Siagel
Thomas J. Tesauro
Dr. Jeffrey Wolff

If you have unanswered questions, feel free to email or call 888-797-2757.

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